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Date Created: 4/24/1998   Date Modified: 4/28/2011

Understanding X-Rite's Software DateCodes

X-Rite date codes its instrument firmware. On most instruments these codes are visible as the unit powers-up; on others the date code is visible as the owner accesses the calibration routine.For firmware produced prior to the year 2000 the following date code scheme is used.


The code is deciphered as follows:

v version
# Year
# Month
## Day

The first number (0..9) is the year in which the firmware was released.The next number (also letters A, B, & C) indicate the month.The final pair of numbers the day of the month.

For firmware released after the year 2000 the following scheme is used:


The code is deciphered as follows:

v version
a Year Letters a - z will equate to year 2000 - 2025
# Month
## Day

Please note: Instruments that lack a display (DTP41 for example) must be accessed via their remote control functions. Refer to the appropriate interface manual for instructions on retrieving version codes from these models. 

Click here to see the Toolcrib interface useable with the DTP41