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Date Created: 4/24/1998   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-ColorBlind Pro and the DTP41

Application : ColorBlind Pro
Vendor : Itec
Platform : Macintosh
Version : v4.2
Cabling :

SE108-302 (cable kit; PC & Mac) & SE30-177 (125v-250v AC/DC 12v adaptor). If connecting to a USB port on a Mac, the Keyspan Twin Serial Adapter USA28x (X-Rite p/n SE108-USBSERA), is recommended.

**DTP41B (Series II) for USB communication use SE108-96-02

Notes : No problems have been reported using version 4.2.

The DTP 41 works properly with ColorBlind Pro version 3.1 with a release date later than Jan 8, 1998. There were earlier pre-release versions with the same 3.1 number, that do not work with the shipping DTP41.

It is also important that when reading a printed strip, that the printer setup chosen to print the strip is still selected. This is the only way ColorBlind can properly set up the DTP41.

   The support number for Itec is... 858-613-1300
   The WebSite for Itec is... www.color.com