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Date Created: 4/5/1999   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-Profile Wizard and the DTP41

Application : Profile Wizard
Vendor : Creo, Inc
Platform : Power Macintosh
Version : v2.1
Cabling : SE108-302 (cable kit; PC & Mac) & SE30-77 (125v-250v AC/DC 12v adaptor)
Notes : Scitex’s Profile Wizard includes interfaces to X-Rite’s DTP41 Autoscan Spectrophotometer and the DTP92 Monitor Optimizer instrument, a true CIE colorimeter for monitor calibration. The DTP41 and DTP92 provide easy-to-use, fast and accurate ways to perform colorimetric readings from printed color charts or color monitors. These measurements are used by the Scitex Profile Wizard application to automatically generate ICC input, display and output profiles."The X-Rite DTP41 measures our new Scitex Ksmart450n output color chart (450 color patches) in less than six minutes," said Eddy Houba, Business Development Manager, Corporate Color Technologies, Scitex Corporation Ltd."This increased speed along with the lower entry cost of these devices will allow more customers to take advantage of our powerful color calibration and management capabilities."

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