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Date Created: 11/20/2002   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-MonacoPROOF and the DTP41B or Series II AutoScan Spectrophotometer

Application : MonacoPROOF
Vendor : Monaco Systems
Platform : Macintosh, OS9, OSX, Windows
Version : v3.6
Cabling : Note: This instrument can connect either via a serial or USB connection depending on the cable being used. However software must be written to take advantage of this. If the software does not specify USB as a connection option, it is likely it will only allow serial connectivity, as this was the only option available in the original DTP41.

Macintosh - If tradional serial ports, the supplied SE108-97 and an optional SE108-DB9PA adpater. For USB ports use the supplied SE108-96-02 cable

Windows -  Direct connect using supplied SE108-97 cable for serial connections or SE108-96-02 cable for USB.
Power supply PN SE30-177 switching power supply with removable line cord (SD33-07 for NA).
Notes : One of Monaco's professional color management bundles. Package includes software to calibrate your monitor, scanner and printer. Also includes profile viewer and editing capabilities.
Visit the Monaco website for complete details. Also interfaces with the DTP92 in serial or USB versions, DTP 22, DTP41, DTP41/T. A complete system can be purchased as part of the X-RiteColor Ensemble for Color Management.