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Date Created: 5/17/2004   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-MonacoPROFILER v4.5 does not Connect with DTP41B

Q: I have MonacoPROFILER v4.5 and a DTP41. Recently, I replaced my DTP41 with a DTP41B+UV (Series 2) Profiler will not recognize the new instrument. I have tried both serial and USB. My Harlequin RIP system (Harlequin's "genlin" utility sees and runs it fine on that machine on COM1). What gives?

A: MonacoPROFILER v4.5 of does not support the USB connectivity of the series II instrument. That said, there should be no problem connecting via a serial interface. Note however that you cannot have Genlin and Profiler running at the same time! The fact that Genlin does work is a good sign that the rest of the hardware (serial port, instrument, cable etc.) are not at fault. Restart the computer. Do not launch Genlin.  If MonacoPROFILER will still  not connect try our ToolCrib Utility program (on CD that came with DTP41 or available from web site).  If ToolCrib connects but PROFILER continues to balk, it will be necessary to reinstall the application.