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Date Created: 1/10/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-Trouble Making Profiles with my DTP41 - Help!

Q: What factors might be preventing me from creating profiles with my DTP41 and MonacoPROOF v3.7?

A: The usual causes of software errors (or the fast-flashing green light on the instrument when the strip is done) are:

  1. Header or tail is too short. The instrument needs the full length of the strip out to the dotted lines or it will not read properly. More is okay, less is bad.

  2. Print not at 100%. The software tells the instrument what size the patches and gaps are and if the output is scaled, it will generate errors.

  3. Mismatch between software page layout and strip being measured. Since the software also tells the instrument how many patches to expect, if the page size in the software doesn't match what is being measured, there will also be an error. Adjust the page size in the software to reflect what is being measured.

Note also that many customers assume that all printers are CMYK devices.  While the logic is sound (they do use CMYK ink sets) the real nature of most printers is that they are RGB.  If for example you use the 378 patch set, you have selected a CMYK format.  Unless you are using a RIP then understand that your Epson printer is actually driven as an RGB device.  The 343 RGB patch set would be more appropriate. A CMYK patch set would actually be converted to RGB by the operating system as it is passed to the driver, so your results would be unpredictable and unreliable.