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Date Created: 8/27/2002   Date Modified: 5/6/2016

-Target Reading Problems- Hints and Tips

There are several reasons a target may fail to read properly on a DTP41. Listed below is a series of steps to follow that have solved 90 percent of target related calls to the X-Rite HelpDesk.

Note: A bad reading often results in multiple errors being reported by the instrument: often the error reported by the software package is not the real culprit.

  1. Always recalibrate the instrument if you have multiple failed readings. This is easy and solves many problems all by itself. You may want to review the calibration procedure link under Related Support.

  2. Check the target! A properly formatted target will have a mininmum of a 1.5 inch leader of clean paper and two patch and two seperators length of paper as a trailer.

  3. Check the patch size. A patch should be a minimum of 7mm high by 12mm wide.

  4. Does the overall print look very dark or very light? This may cause the target to fail if it changes the ratio of patch color to seperator color.

  5. Is there a lot of overspray? This is often found on poorly adjusted plotters. If there is a lot of overspray and the seperators are filling in this will cause a target to fail.

  6. Check the software. Often there are special settings or targets related to the DTP41. In some packages it is very important to select the DTP41 as the reading device prior to outputing the target, as they create different targets based on insturment and paper selection.