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Date Created: 10/23/2000   Date Modified: 10/25/2007

Trouble reading strips after using with a Dupont Waterproof system

The software used with the Dupont Waterproof system and the X-Rite DTP41 sets some commands in the instrument that cannot be reset through the standard factory reset. One change is the drive motor speed setting, where a higher speed is set and made permanent. This higher speed  may result in an instrument that will no longer read strips properly  with other 3rd party software that needs the default motor speed to recognize the smaller patches produced by that software. 

Below we outline the steps needed to verify, and change if necessary the drive motor speed. Note that this can be done most easily from the terminal window of the ToolCrib utility sent with every DTP41, though any terminal utility could be used.

  1. Launch ToolCrib and select the DTP41 instrument and the serial port that it is connected to.
  2. Under the Tools menu select terminal
  3. Verify communications in the terminal window by typing sv [return] the instrument should respond with the instrument type, and firmware version, along with a <00>
  4. Clear any errors from the instrument with the xe [return] command
  5. Now issue a 02dm [return] (that is a number zero and a number two) This command should return the current motor speed. If it returns 1.20 you are at the default motor speed, and need go no further. If your value is not 1.20 proceed to step 6
  6. Now type 1.20dm [return] (one point two zero) this should return a <00>
  7. Now make that setting permanent using the mp [return] command

At this point the instrument has been returned to it's default motor speed. You can quit ToolCrib and retry reading your strip in the application that generated it.