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Date Created: 12/3/2002   Date Modified: 5/11/2016

+Which USB to Serial Adapter?

X-Rite recommends the Keyspan line of USB to Serial adapters. While many other adapters are available Keyspan has consistently delivered the highest compatibility in our tests.

USA28x image
USA- 28x

 X-Rite first sold the Keyspan model USA-28x (X-Rite P/N SE108-USBSERA.) This device has two ports that are configured with the old Macintosh style Mini DIN 8 style sockets. This allows direct connection with a DTP92Q serial device or a Digital Swatcbook, both configured with Mini DIN 8 connectors as well as with other DTP products configured with a SE108-79 cable. All other X-Rite products require an adapter to connect to this device (generally a SE108-DB9PA.) This adapter is for Macintosh only and not usable on a PC. This item is available for purchase from the X-Rite Online Store.

Keyspan 19QW image

Today many PC laptops and some towers are now shipping with no serial ports and only USB ports. X-Rite sought a cross platform solution to aid both its PC and Mac customers. A solution is the Keyspan USA-19HS high speed serial adapter (X-Rite P/N SE108-USBSERDB9.) Note: This is not the same as the Keyspan USA-19Q, PDA adapter. This device has a single DB9p (male) style serial plug. This adapter is cross platform and ships with drivers for Windows, Macintosh OS9 and OSX and Linux. This adapter will connect directly to many X-Rite products. Any product that ships with a mini DIN 8 connector (like those referenced in the above paragraph) will also require a SE108-DB9SA adapter to connect to this model Keyspan. This item is available for purchase from the X-Rite Online Store.  Further information on the Keyspan line of serial adapters can be found on the Keyspan web site.