X-Rite photo

Date Created: 10/30/1998   Date Modified: 5/13/2016

-PhotoPRINT and the DTP22

Application : PhotoPRINT
Vendor : Amiable Technologies, Inc.
Platform : Macintosh, PC
Version : 1.2v1 (PC); 1.3v1 (Mac)
Cabling : Mac: None Required
PC: SE108-DB9SA (8pin DIN to DB9 female adaptor)
Both: SE30-73 (power supply)
Notes : PhotoPRINT enables direct scanning, text layout, color correction, RIPing, and unattended printing. Also interfaces with X-Rite's DTP41 and the Colortron II.

Calibrating the spectrophotometer

PhotoPRINT provides the capability to calibrate your spectrophotometer from within the program. This feature may be used with X-Rite DTP22 or Colortron.

  1. Choose Edit>Setup>Color Calibration The Color Calibration dialog box appears.
  2. Click Meter Setup to display the Meter Setup dialog box. The choose the correct meter type and the port to which it is connected.
  3. Click on the calibration option.
  4. Follow the steps within the software. You will be asked to measure items that came with your spectrophotometer.

PhotoPRINT supports the Colortron spectrophotometer but you must install the Colortron extensions before using the device. These can be found in the Utilities folder on your PhotoPRINT CD.

   The support number for Amiable Technologies, Inc. is... 800-229-9088
   The WebSite for Amiable Technologies, Inc. is... www.scanvec.com