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Download: ColorShop X

Version: 1.4.1

Previous Version: 1.3

Release Date: 2/10/2005

File Type: PC - Windows Installer - EXE, Mac - Aladdin Stuffit - SIT

Download:    PC Version    Mac Version


ColorShop™X Software CD

There are many ways to describe and define color. Today's world of digital color production has created many different paths to reproduce color, often where no hard copy is provided as a reference. ColorShop X provides a suite of tools that enable anyone who works with color, or is interested in color, to evaluate, predict and manipulate color both visually and numerically. ColorShop X provides interpretation of color through the use of ICC profile and a wide range of X-Rite color measurement devices. In addition, tools are provided to maintain and organize libraries of colors and make specialized types of profiles.

All of the tools are quickly accessed through a toolbar that can be moved or hidden as necessary. Instrument interaction includes bringing data into ColorShop X, posting to other applications, and defining targets for further analysis.

Using ColorShop X, a Graphic Arts, Photography or Design professional has unprecedented power to view, predict and manage color.

You may test drive this version of ColorShopX for 14-days at no charge. Download the file and then follow the simple installation procedures outlined below. After test driving ColorShopX, you may purchase the software CD by calling X-Rite at 888-826-3059, OPTION 1 or contact your
X-Rite Sales Office in your area.



ColorShop X  (Mac) is a Mac OS X native application. To install, uncompress this archive using Stuffit or Stuffit expander. Double click the resulting disk image file which mounts a virtual disk. To install, simply drag the file "ColorShop X" from this disk image into your Applications folder. 

          ColorShopX requires Mac OS X.2 or higher to run.

ColorShop X (PC)  -  Simply double-click on the self-extracting zip to access the program installer.


For users who have purchased a copy of ColorShopX only


ColorShopX must be registered from the computer on which you wish to run the software. An automatic registration screen will appear when you launch the program. Complete the required information and then click the SUBMIT button. The AUI number is located on the back of the ColorShopX software case. Be sure you enter this number carefully as this is your individual proof-of-purchase required in order to unlock the features you have purchased. ColorShopX will operate for 14 days without registration. If the registration process has not been completed in this time frame, ColorShopX will cease to operate.

If you experience difficulties registering your copy of ColorShopX online contact X-Rite Customer Support at gisupport@x-rite.com. You may also call X-Rite at 888-826-3059 or from outside North America call 616-534-7663 or contact your local X-Rite office.

History: Replaces version v1.3