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Download: Eye-One Fix (Automatic Install)

Version: NA

Release Date: 1/5/2006

File Type: PC - , Mac - Aladdin SITX file

Download:    Mac Version


OSX 10.4.3 modified the behavior of the Macintosh USB ports.  A consequence of this change was that the interface between MonacoPROFILER and the GretagMacbeth Eye-One was rendered only marginally functional.  This patch resolves the issue. 

Note that this patch applies only to the following set of conditions:

  1. System is running OSX 10.4.3 or higher (10.4.3 is current as of this writing).
  2. MonacoPROFILER v4.8 is installed.
  3. The GretagMacbeth Eye-One is not scanning successfully.

Note also that there are two versions of the patch!  The version referenced here should only be used if software was installed into the DEFAULT folder location.  If this is not the case, or if you are unsure, please use the back button on your browser and select the "Manual" install option.

Click on the download above and then open the downloaded .sitx files.  If there is a problem opening these after downloading, confirm that you are using the latest version of Stuffit.  The Stuffit website can be found at: www.stuffit.com

After unstuffing the downloaded file, you will notice that there is a "Readme" file that will guide you thru the installation.


When attempting to use the GretagMacbeth Eye-One spectrophotometer with Monaco Profiler on a Macintosh computer running OSX v.10.4.3, a user might experience some or all of the following problems:

  • Eye-One connects and calibrates fine and spot reads fine but fails when trying to scan in strip mode.
  • Eye-One can scan in some rows but fails on other rows.
  • Eye-One connects fine but fails to calibrate or read.
  • In each example above, the user will notice that the instrument's lamp will fail to illuminate following a read error.