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Download: MonacoPROFILER (with 32-bit VISTA support)

Version: v4.8.3 (Windows)

Previous Version: 4.8

Release Date: 3/31/2007

File Type: PC - Self-Extracting ZIP file (exe)

Download:    PC Version    


For owners of MonacoPROFILER 4.6 and up, you may now download MonacoPROFILER 4.8.3 which includes both enhanced features and maintenance improvements.  This is the first release of MonacoPROFILER that supports Windows new VISTA operating system (32-bit only).

The professional’s choice for color profile creation and editing, MonacoPROFILER 4.8.3 offers the industry’s most comprehensive ICC profiling capabilities for all of your devices – monitors, scanners, digital cameras and printers. Now supports the following instruments

  • DTP20 (a.k.a. PULSE)
  • DTP22
  • DTP41 (USB & Serial) (Transmission and Reflection)
  • DTP45
  • DTP70
  • DTP94
  • Eye-One (Rev's A, B, & D), (UV cut and Non UV cut)
  • Spectrolino
  • SpectroScan
  • SpectroCam

Installation Mac:

Minimum suggested system requirements:

Power Macintosh or Intel
Macintosh System 10.3(Panther), 10.4 (Tiger)
256 MB system RAM, 150 MB free disk space
Color Monitor with 24-bit or greater video card (with LUT support)

To install, save the zip file to your desktop and double-click to extract the install folder.  Open the folder and click on the PROFILER installer to continue the process.  On a Mac there is no need to uninstall previous versions prior. Once installed, the desktop folder may be may be moved to the trash.

Installation PC:

Minimum suggested system requirements:

Windows 2000, XP Pro/Home (32-bit only), Vista (32-bit only), Pentium PC.
256MB system RAM, 150MB free disk space
Color Monitor with 24-bit or greater video card (with LUT support) (Two supported video cards required for multiple monitor calibration)

Note: Only System Administrators Can Install and Register the Software. You must be a system administrator in order to correctly install and register
your software. Once an administrator has successfully installed and registered the software, any user can run the application.

On a PC, it is necessary to uninstall any prior version of MonacoPROFILER before beginning the new installation process.

Save the downloaded file to your desktop. Double-click on the self-extracting zip to access the program installer. This will extract all files to a temporary folder on your C:\ drive, "MonacoPROFILER Install". It will then immediately launch the application installer.  When the installation is complete, you may safely delete the temporary folder.

History: This is a maintenance release only. No new features are added. This is the first version to support MicroSoft's new operating system, VISTA (32-bit only).