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Date Created: 5/6/2004   Date Modified: 5/30/2012

+Kodak 35mm IT8 - Cannot Select the Proper Reference File

When profiling a scanner with a Kodak 35mm IT8 target, the user will be asked to "select reference" and choose the reference file that matches the reference number on the Kodak target. If there is no matching reference file to choose from, the user may need to download it from Kodak's FTP site.  We try to include current Kodak reference files when we release a new EZcolor installation CD, but often their targets are released afterward. If using Windows, the user may need to change the file type selection to *.Q60, as this is how Kodak reference files are named. If the reference file is still not selectable, check out the Kodak FTP site, which is the definitive source, as well as information on determining the the name of the desired reference file.