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Date Created: 5/10/2004   Date Modified: 5/18/2016

-HutchColor IT8 - Modifying Registry to Soften Error Checking

On occasion it may be beneficial to "tweak" the error thresholds of Monaco software.  This should only be done by a knowledgeable computer expert as a mistake here could render your computer unusable.  This particular fix allows a new style HutchColor IT target to operate correctly with MonacoPROFILER.  This page details the  Windows workaround only and is in two parts:

  1. In the Preferences folder inside your MonacoPROFILER application folder, you should find a file called "ScannerData.rtf".  Open this file.
  2. Make note of the "Neutral Bump Ramps" value.

  3. Open the registry editor and navigate to the following key:


  4. Edit the NEUTRALRAMPBUMPS registry key to a value slightly greater than the value returned in the 'rtf' file.

  5. Close the registry editor and re-launch MonacoPROFILER.

Remember that the system registry is a very sensitive area and any mistake can lead to an unstable or unusable system.