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Date Created: 5/25/2004   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

+Cannot Disable Color Management on HP Hardware

Q: Some HP Devices (printer PhotoSmart 1115 and 5470c scanner) are complicated to use with this software package. Per Monaco instructions, user must disable color management options if a good profile is to be built.  With these HP devices there is no toggle to turn off color management. What next?

A: Monaco support has no direct experience with the two devices in question.  That said, we have worked with a number of HP products. While there is generally no specific toggle to "turn color management off", in each case (for example using HP PhotoPrint 7660 and/or Scanjet 3970) there is a way to go to "advanced mode" and make sure that no automatic adjustment controls are in use. These settings have allowed us to successfully make profiles for a number of devices.