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Date Created: 9/17/2004   Date Modified: 4/27/2012

-Activation Code - - How do I Complete Registration?

Q: I've installed my software and now it is asking for an Activation Code

A: Most software products require registration within 15days of installation else they will cease to function.  During this 15 day "grace" period, the software operates in a demonstration mode.  To acquire an activation code (a.k.a. license key) visit our registration page.  You will need to provide the registration software with accurate product information if it is to provide you with an appropriate code.  Be certain of your product, and its version.  You may be required to provide a serial number and an AUI (Application Unique Identifier) for certain products.  All of these data are included on a decal attached to either the product packaging, the CD's jewel case, or both.  Click Here to be taken directly to our registration pages.