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Date Created: 9/17/2004   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

+Can I Profile My Laptop LCD?

Q: I'm having trouble profiling my laptop.  Can you help?

A: Laptops LCD screens are constrained by the very thin design of the illumination components.  They also lack many controls that may be found on high end displays.  That said, you can still profile these devices and achieve acceptable color matches in most cases.  In EZcolor, either select "Profile Only" (simplest option) or if you select "Calibrate and Profile", use "Monitor Native" as your white point. 

Today most consultants suggest a gamma of 2.2. 

Carefully follow the software prompts.  Where you display lacks certain controls (RGB gun adjustment for example), the software will provide you with an alternate path to succeed in profiling.

Note: Calibration and Profiling are entirely independent processes.  Calibration changes the behavior of your display.  It inspects gamma, white point, color balance, and black point and modifies your hardware to perform to the standard values that you have specified.  If this is done, an optional procedure, then it must take place before profiling is attempted.  Profiling by comparison, simply maps the behavior of a device.