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Date Created: 12/7/2004   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-Can I Profile Two Monitors and then Manually Switch Between

Q:  I have a laptop that I am using with Photoshop and I have successfully calibrated my laptop LCD screen. On occasion, I like to hook up an external monitor. How can I calibrate that external CRT monitor, and then switch configurations from the LCD screen to the CRT external monitor?

A:  To have separate profiles for different displays on MacOS X, you need only create the original profile for each. MacOS X "remembers" each unique display and associates the proper profile each time you connect to it.

On Windows, it is a bit more tedious: you will need to go to "Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Color Management" and change the default profile to the one you want to use. After doing that and closing out of the Display Properties window, run the Monaco Gamma shortcut from "Start > All Programs > Startup" to load the correction table within the profile.