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Date Created: 4/13/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

+Can I Adjust the Gamma of Individual Inks on Output Profiles

Q:  Is a way to control the gamma of the color curves in Monaco Profiler 4.7 Platinum, similar to the way the black can be controlled.  For example, I know that the cyan on my printer is at its max much earlier than my magenta, yellow, and black before color management.  I know there is a control to limit inks but it looks like you can do it either by limiting black, or by limiting all 3 together.  Ink limiting does not seem to improve my results (especially since I  only really need to limit cyan). What I would prefer to do is to  modify the "gamma" of the cyan ink laydown, so that there is a better  increment of ink laydown when printing a cyan ink scale.

A: The issue and resolution you are seeking is normally part of the calibration/linearization process performed on the RIP controlling the printer. All inkjets gain rapidly and over ink in their native state. RIPs with basic linearization will perform linearization via density measurements. More advanced ones will perform per-channel ink limiting and linearization with colorimetric or spectral data. This type of ink limiting and linearization also allows control of the hue shift that frequently occurs when over-inking a single colorant (i.e., cyan turns blue when too much is laid on the paper.)  Once the device is linearized/calibrated, profiling can then take place.

While you can use the "linearization" function in MonacoPROFILER when building a profile, this will only help by adapting the patch set to the device's non-linear behavior. Ideally, the printer's behavior should be controlled at the device/RIP level. One can create a much better profile for a well behaved device than for one that is not well behaved.