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Date Created: 5/3/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-Matrix - Software / Firmware Compatibility with Tiger

Limited testing has been done with Macintosh's new operating system. The new version is OSX 10.4 and is also known as Tiger. Test results follow:


Profiler v4.7.2
Device Connects ( y / n ) Good I/O with App Builds Profiles
DTP22 Serial Yes Yes Yes
DTP41 (USB/Serial) Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes / Yes
DTP45 (USB) Yes Yes Yes
DTP70 (USB) Yes Yes Yes
DTP92 (USB/Serial) Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No1
DTP94 (USB) Yes Yes Yes

Test could not locate proper power supply and suspects that serial error may have resulted from voltage error.