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Date Created: 5/6/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-Hasp Dongle Does Not Work after Tiger Install

Users moving to Mac's new Tiger (OSX 10.4) have reported that the Hasp dongle fails to operate following the upgrade.  It is believed that this results from the "Archive and Upgrade" option which does not preserve all the preferences and other files required to run the application.  While a complete reinstall is guaranteed to resolve the issue, it may be possible to fix the problem by a different approach.

There is a sub-folder inside of the PROFILER application folder named "Dongle Tools".  Inside this folder is an executable program named "aksusb installer".  Simply run this installer to repair the Hasp Dongle functionality.

Note that if you are having any other problems with PROFILER (e.g., instrument communications, for example) then you will need to reinstall the PROFILER application.

Note: Hasp has released a new driver that fully supports Macintosh's Tiger release.  Click here to link to their site for a download.

( 05/26/05 )