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Date Created: 7/27/2005   Date Modified: 5/20/2016

-Moving Dongle-Enabled Monaco Software to Another Computer

To use MonacoPROOF, MonacoPROFILER or MonacoDCcolor on a different computer, you simply need to install the software and connect the USB dongle. If your dongle has already been programmed for unlimited access, it can be used on any supported system without any changes or reprogramming. You do not need to enter an Activation Code on the new system.

If you have registered but not yet programmed your dongle with an Activation Code, you should do the programming on the computer used for registration and then move it to another computer as needed. The Access and Activation Codes are tied to each other, so an Activation code generated from an Access Code on one computer won't necessarily work on another computer. However, once the dongle has been programmed, it can be moved to other computers as needed.