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Date Created: 2/27/2007   Date Modified: 6/14/2016

+Error Creating Folder -5000 Access Denied

By default, the EZcolor, creates application folders such that the owner has full read / write access and other users are restricted to read-only permissions.  This seems to be a normal system behavior and is true of such programs as FireFox, Safari, and most other Macintosh software. If a system has two or more accounts with ADMIN permissions, it is possible that one administrator will perform an original install and later a second administrator will attempt to add or remove files or folders.  These folders will be locked.  Only the original installer is authorized to change permissions on these items.

This can be done at the time of the installation or later as required.  To set permissions proceed as follows:

  • Logon to the Mac using the Admin account that created the folders or files.
  • Open the Macintosh Hard Drive.
  • Navigate to the file or folder (closest to the root level) whose permissions you wish to alter.
  • Highlight this item and then select "Get Info".
  • Click on "Ownership and Permissions" and then on "Details".
  • At this point you can change permissions for other Admin accounts or for all Others.
  • A button at the bottom of the dialog will allow you to apply these changes to all enclosed items.