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Date Created: 4/26/2007   Date Modified: 6/13/2016

+MonacoPROFILER Editing Change Not Applied

This is actually quite common. Output profiles contain 6 conversion tables. There are two tables for saturation, two for colorimetric, and two for the perceptual rendering intents. Each of these intents has two tables because there is a forward table (Device color space to L*a*b*), and an inverse table (L*a*b* to device) for each.

When editing a profile you are only changing one of the six tables. If you wish to affect your output make sure that you are editing the inverse table for the rendering intent that you use when printing. The default in MonacoPROFILER is Inverse Perceptual, as this is used most commonly. You will find a dropdown box in the editor which allows you to change this selection.

Also, make sure that you click on the Save icon at the top of the application window and save the edited profile before closing the editing window.