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Date Created: 10/30/2007   Date Modified: 6/13/2016

+Leopard Compatibility - YES

Informal testing with the first release of Leopard indicates that PROFILER v4.8.3 is fully compatible with the new Macintosh operating system.  Several independent tests were run over the weekend (Oct 27, 28) and there were no issued found with the software.  A few additional notes:

  • If you install PROFILER onto a clean Leopard system, all the components appear to install correctly and the product will launch without problems.  Attached USB devices will be correctly located and will operate as expected.
  • If you perform an "Archive and Install", USB dongle drivers do not function.  There is a seperate Hasp dongle driver application within the PROFILER folder.  Simply running this application appears to resolve the communications issues.

  • If you backed up your old system and then did a clean install ----  AND ---- if you then migrate your old PROFILER files to the new platform, then all drivers appear to migrate correctly.