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Date Created: 5/11/2004   Date Modified: 5/18/2016

+Error Message - "Your Device Does Not Support Color Table Correction"

Q: I recently installed MonacoOPTIX on my computer. When I start the program I get an error saying "Your display device or driver does not support color table correction. MonacoOPTIX cannot run without color table correction". I was told I may need a new video card. Any ideas on this. And what type of video card should I get?  Thanks.

A: The error message you are getting is because our software senses that it cannot make changes to the color look-up tables (LUTs) in your video card. There are two common reasons for this: (1) The video card and/or driver prevent us from making the changes needed, or (2) you are using MonacoOPTIX v1.0 or MonacoEZcolor v2.5.x or earlier with multiple displays, which is unsupported. The latter is easily resolved by temporarily disabling the secondary display in order to profile the primary. The issue of video card and driver can be a little more complicated. Most modern cards do support this function, but sometimes the driver creates a conflict. For example, ATI's driver version 4.2 broke LUT support, but you can still download version 4.1 from their website, which works fine. We suggest exploring the issue of drivers first, since it is less costly than purchasing a new video card.