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Download: DTP20 "Pulse" Spectrophotometer

Version: vF415

Previous Version: vEC07

Release Date: 5/10/2005

File Type: PC - Self-extracting ZIP file, Mac - Aladdin Stufit Archive file

Download:    PC Version    Mac Version


Included in the download archive are three files:  the firmware file, "DTP20_F415.hex", a detailed installation guide in PDF format and a more detailed description of changes that were made for this release. The download archive is available in either a ZIP (PC) or a SIT (Mac)  format. Note that you must use ToolCrib version 5.0.7 or later to update the instrument with this newer firmware.  To download the latest version of ToolCrib, click here.

Note that there is no need to update instrument firmware if it is working to your satisfaction.  While an update may add or enhance features or remedy instrument performance issues, it is inherently dangerous.  Should the process fail due to a loss of power or connectivity, the instrument will be rendered inoperative and will require factory repair.


Detailed release notes are included within the archive of the firmware download. Highlights of changes are provided here.

  • Scan Measurement Enhancements
    • Added paper calibration during TID read for paper detection upon subsequent strip readings.
    • Added target stretch calibration during TID read for stretch tolerance during subsequent strip readings.
    • Added calibration data to TID scan for wider color tolerance during strip ID recognition.
    • Modified Red/Magenta and Blue/Cyan tolerancing to improve target color barcode recognition.
  • Battery Charging
    • Fixed a battery charging situation, where if the cable is disconnected and then reconnected, battery fails to charge until unit is power-cycled.
  • User-Interface Enhancements
    • Modified FW forced resets now cause auto-wakeup if external power supply is not connected.
  • USB Enhancements.
    • Alleviated intermittent USB enumeration failure during attach wakeup using DTP20 with low battery.
    • Fixed transmit abort bug for gracefully recovering from unexpected USB disconnect during data transfer.
    • Fixed issue where having both the PC and a DTP20 with dead battery powered down and then powering up the PC causes the DTP20 to go into SUSPEND shutdown and not wake back up. Therefore, the battery will not recharge unless the USB cable is unplugged and reattached.
  • API Modifications
    • Modified to always load factory default configuration upon reset.
  • Removed MP command