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Download: Unified 32 & 64-Bit Drivers, 98, 2000, XP, & Vista

Version: v3.1.0.0

Previous Version: v3.0.0.11

Release Date: 1/10/2007

File Type: PC - ZIP file

Download:    PC Version    


This ZIP file includes drivers for a variety of X-Rite USB devices and Windows operating systems. A detailed installation guide is included.  Extract all files into a temporary folder then follow the installation guide carefully.  The following instruments and operating systems are supported:

  • DTP20
  • DTP32
  • DTP34
  • DTP40
  • DTP41
  • DTP45
  • DTP70
  • DPT92
  • DPT94
  • ILS20
  • XRD60

Also supported are the following operating systems: Windows Win98, 2000, XP, & Vista.  Both 32- and 64-bit systems where applicable.

Please take time to carefully read the driver installation guide (PDF file included in ZIP). This is especially important for Vista customers as Vista changes the methods by which drivers are activated.