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Date Created: 5/9/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

-Target Reading Error

If you repeatedly fail to read a target generated by the Pulse Color elite software, please verify the following.
  • Ensure that the instrument has been cleared before reading the TID. To do so press the operation button 3 times, the LED should turn blue. Press and hold the operation button until the instrument beeps.

  • Verify that the target has been imaged to the proper size. Measure the width of the blocks in the TID, they should be precisely 6mm wide. For accurate measure, measure 10 blocks which should equal 60mm.

  • Verify that you are starting and ending your measurements with the instrument beyond the gray bar, and that the instrument is over the substrate at both the beginning and ending of the row. If there is not sufficient substrate on the target itself, you may need to lay the target over pieces of additional substrate to provide yourself more tolerance.

  • Your colors in your Target ID Row must be a close match to the colors in the row identifiers.  If not, the instrument can confuse the data.  For instance, a cyan may be confused as a blue overprint, a magenta may be confused as a red overprint, etc.  In this case, data can be mistakenly dropped to the wrong row.