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Date Created: 3/28/2005   Date Modified: 5/19/2016

+OPTIX XR Device Not being seen by the Mac

Q:  My Mac no longer recognizes the OPTIX XR device.  I'm running OSX 10.2.8.  I've used it twice before with no problem. Now I get a message from the Monaco software that it can't find the device. I've tried plugging the device into a USB plug right on the computer as well as the first location (which worked the first two times) on a USB hub.  Any ideas?

A:  Please check to see if the OPTIX XR device is showing up in "System Profiler". To review this do the following:

  1. Choose Apple Menu>About This Mac>More Info...

  2. Go to the hardware section (a.k.a. "Devices and Volumes") and see if "X-Rite DTP94" is listed in the USB section. You may have several USB hosts and ports, so you might have to dig a little.

If it is there, then the MonacoOPTIX software should see it as well. If the software auto-detects the instrument, you won't get an option to select the Measuring Device on the "Select Measurement Options" page. If you do get a choice, make sure you select "MonacoOPTIX XR" and not "MonacoOPTIX". If "X-Rite DTP94" does not show up in System Profile when connected to any USB port on the system, I would suggest trying it on another computer. If it is not recognized there, the unit is likely defective.