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Download: ColorElite Software (RGB)

Version: v1.0.2

Release Date: 3/30/2005

File Type: PC - Self-extracting ZIP file with Installer, Mac - Aladdin Stuffit SIT file

Download:    PC Version    Mac Version


The X-Rite Pulse ColorElite System is a complete solution that allows you to manage the color of each devices in your workflow: monitor, scanner, digital camera, and printer.  As we continue to improve and add to it’s functionality, we are committed to easily making each point release available to you.  The update link below will move your software to 1.0.2 and has a number of minor bug fixes for Macintosh and Windows.  It also adds French, Italian, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese as language options, broadening it’s appeal in additional markets.


The v1.0.2 release includes the following additions, enhancements and fixes:

  1. Language Updates, adds – French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

  2. Bug Fixes – The more pertinent ones are as follows:


  1. Restore Command – Pulse ColorElite now sends a restore command to the DTP20 whenever it connects.  This prevents a conflict that might occur if another application left the DTP20 in a non-default state.
  2. Multiple Reminder Crash – Fixed bug that causes application to crash if it tries to remove an old Monaco Reminder from the user’s login items.

  3. Changed install path and names to reflect X-Rite in various libraries.

  4. Replaced XDSIII framework with the latest version.

  5. Core fix – A fix was added to the profiling engine that prevents either a crash or bad resulting profile with particular data sets.

  6. Pulse Daemon Message – A change was made to the Pulse USB Daemon application to stop the logging of messages generated by this application in the system log.



  1. Video card LUT check – The application now checks for video card LUT support when the user enters the Monitor branch of the software and NOT when the application is launched.
  2. Editor / Dongle Driver – Fixed bug that prevented the user from saving a profile from the Editor if  a HASP USB dongle driver has been installed on the PC.

  3. Same Core fix as listed above.

  4. Duplicate thread Problem – A fix was put in to prevent the application from creating duplicate threads which could lead to potential problems.

  5. Latest XDSIII was replaced as listed above.