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Date Created: 6/21/2007   Date Modified: 3/12/2012

++Calibration Error: "Dirty Cal Plaque" on i1/iO

If someone is experiencing repeated warnings during iO calibration that calibration has failed and that they need to clean the white reference even though it is perfectly clean, replace the existing EyeOneIO.dll with a new version of the EyeOneIO.dll.  This will need to be done in each program folder that is using the iO table (PM5, i1Match, ColorPort, i1Diagnostics, etc...).  

  1. Click here to download a Zipped copy of the new dynamic link library (DLL).
  2. Unzip the file (EyeOneIO.dll, v1.1.1.94).  This file must be copied into the desired program folder or folders.  The i1Match3.6.1 folder location is shown below:


The new DLL file is version v1.1.1.94 while the one currently distributed with PM5.0.8, i1Diagnostics2.4.1, and i1Match3.6.1 is version