X-Rite photo

Date Created: 7/26/2006   Date Modified: 5/23/2016

-ProfileMaker Support for the 939

To use the X-Rite 939 Spectrodensitometer with ProfileMaker Pro, you must configure the instrument in the following manner:

  1. Under Hardware Setup...Serial Port:

    Baud Rate 9600
    Handshake off
    Auto Transmit ON
    Separator Tab
    Delimiter CR
    Set Data Type Colorimetric
    Header Printout off
    Standard Printout off
    Emulation 938
  2. Under Color Options...Active Functions, only L*a*b* should be selected (prefaced with the > symbol.)
  3. Under Color Options...Active Illum/Obs..., make sure only your desired illuminant/observer combination is selected. Normally this is D50/2.