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Date Created: 8/7/2006   Date Modified: 5/23/2016

+Calibrate Multiple Monitors To The Same Color Appearance

Q - When I calibrate all of my monitors to the same white point and gamma, they seem to differ in their color appearance. Why is this?

A - Besides calibrating multiple monitors in a mixed Mac, Windows, LCD and CRT environment to the same white point, gamma, brightness and contrast, it is also very important to calibrate them to the same luminance value.

For instance, use a value of 100 cd/m2 if you want to match an LCD and CRT monitor. If a monitor is somewhat older and does not allow you to adjust it to 100 cd/m2, then use the highest possible value. This value should then be used as the target value for all other monitors. If a monitor is not able to deliver a minimum luminance of roughly 80 cd/m2, then this monitor is perhaps too old or out of factory luminance specifications.