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Date Created: 8/9/2006   Date Modified: 5/24/2016

-Separation Settings - Where to Define?

Q - It is possible to define separation settings or enhanced channel controls in the Test Chart Generator or in the ProfileMaker. Which place should I set it?

A - The following procedure delivers optimum color results: If possible, set the maximum total ink amount in the RIP software that controls the printer or output process. Then define a test chart without limited total ink amount and process-related separating settings to cover the maximum color space of the process. Finally, define all process-related separation settings in ProfileMaker (normally use unlimited total ink amount because reduction is already done within the RIP). The advantage of this procedure is, that you can easily create different profiles with different separation behavior based on the same printed test chart.

However, if your printing system or process cannot be calibrated via a RIP software and if printing the test chart with highest total ink amount would cause printing problems, do not hesitate to reduce the ink amount already in the test chart. By the way, all the settings will automatically be pre-loaded in PM5, when selecting the measurement file for the appropriate test chart.