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Date Created: 8/9/2006   Date Modified: 3/12/2012

++How to Use i1iO x/y Scanning Table

To drive the i1iO, you need either ProfileMaker 5.0.8(or later) or i1Match 3.4 (or later).

Once the software is installed, locate the test charts in the following folder:

ProfileMaker: ProfileMaker 5 > Test Charts > EyeOne_iO

EyeOne Match: i1 > i1 Match > Test Charts

Once you print the charts from your RIP or Photoshop, read them with the i1iO and your selected application,

1) Connect the i1iO using the Instrument Configuration tool in MeasureTool or ProfileMaker's Measurement Data pop-up. Make sure the software sees the iO. Depending on the sequence, you may have to reconnect the USB cable. If you are using i1Match, be sure to check the Use i1iO option in the software.

2) One the device is found, click Measure. Find the chart and click Start.

3) After the iO calibrates, identify the three indicated corners of the test chart: top left, lower left, and lower right. These will be apparent on the test chart as they are outlined with a black keyline.

4) Once these three points have been read, click Start. You will see the table begin to read the charts.