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Date Created: 8/10/2006   Date Modified: 5/24/2016

-Logo Classic, Chroma Plus & Colorful - What's the Difference?

The "Gamut Mapping" select box of ProfileMaker v5.0 offers three different options:

  • Logo Classic
  • Chroma Plus
  • Colorful

These three choices determine the math model that will be used to compute the Perceptual Rendering Intent for the profile.  In brief, "Logo Classic" executes the math that was originally used in version three (3) of ProfileMaker, "Chroma Plus" uses the math that was developed for version four (4) of ProfileMaker,  and "Colorful" is the newest math found only in version five (5).

It can be argued that with each release, the math has been improved to yield better (more appealing) perceptual rendering. "Perceptual" however implies personal preference.  To that end, ProfileMaker version five (5) retains the earlier math models to ensure customer satisfaction across the entire installed customer base.