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Date Created: 4/30/2007   Date Modified: 6/8/2012

+Importing ColorPort measurements into ProfileMaker

ColorPort can be used to generate and measure printer testcharts for profile generation in ProfileMaker.

First, set up your testchart parameters under the Create Target tab in ColorPort. Save your target and output it through your workflow.

Next, under the MeasureTarget tab select your target and measure it with your preferred instrument.

When you complete your measurement you will see an optoin to save the measued data as "ProfileMakerCGATS".  Save the file in a convenient location. This text file will contain both the reference and measurement data.

Launch ProfileMaker. Drag your measurement file into the Measured Data area. You will see data populate into both the Reference Data and Measured Data areas of the interface. You can then set up your profile generation settings and create your ICC profile.