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Date Created: 4/2/2007   Date Modified: 6/13/2016

+LCD Calibration Settings

LCD displays only provide control over brightness. There is no bias or gain or contrast adjustment. The only variation is the intensity of the backlight.

There are two approaches to profiling your LCD display. The first is to select the calibration steps in your software (usually this setting is called Advanced), and then simply skip all of the adjustments except for the brightness settings. The second approach is to adjust the brightness to a level that is comfortable for your viewing environment, and then go straight to creating an ICC profile in your software (this is usually called Easy mode). However, if you choose the second method, please remember that adjusting the brightness is an important step in getting a good screen to print match and your prints may appear more light or dark than you expect from your soft proof.

It is the profile that allows graphic packages like PhotoShop to display accurate color on screen. The calibration portion helps your monitor behave in a consistent manner over time. Since these variables are unchangeable on an LCD, the concern over controlling them is moot. You will also find that LCD displays do not degrade rapidly as do CRT's. Because of this, control over bias, gain, and contrast were much more relevant on CRT's.