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Date Created: 1/25/2010   Date Modified: 6/9/2016

+IT8.7-2 Scan Targets cannot be measured with iO Table

Question: iO table does not measure my IT8.7-2 Scan Target correctly when selecting the 'IT8 Kodak Format.txt' (or Agfa or Fuji) reference file in MeasureTool 5. Used 'Patch' measurement mode, but iO measures the patches in wrong order. How can I solve this?

Answer: The IT8.7-2 Scan Target Reference Files 'IT8 Agfa Format.txt', 'IT8 Fuji Format.txt' and 'IT8Kodak Format.txt' are not usable for the iO Table. They are designed for SpectroScan and refer to hard-coded driving commands for the SpectroScan.

The IT8 Scan Targets can be measured manually in patch mode with the Eye-One by using the above mentioned reference files.