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Date Created: 1/28/2010   Date Modified: 6/9/2016

+Create Fogra Media Wedge Verification Report with MT5

MeasureTool 5.0.10 (installed with Profile Maker 5.0.10) supports creation of a PDF verification report for FOGRA Media Wedge 2 and 3 (according to IS= 12647 printing conditions) as well as for Idealliance Control Strip (according to GraCol Coated 1, SWOPCoated 3, SWOPCoated 5).

Follow these steps to generate a PDF verification report:

- Connect your Eye-One

- Launch MeasureTool 5.0.10

- Click on Configuration in Toolbar

- (Re-)select your Eye-One, check on Reflective and Spectral

- Close window

- Select Measure > Chart in Toolbar

- Select your desired ISO Reference file (e.g. 'FOGRA39_MW3_Subset.txt' or 

- Start measurement procedure, you will be prompted to calibrate your Eye-One,
   after this complete your measurements

- When completed click on Close, a measurement preview appears

- Go to menu File/Save As..., define volume where to save measurement file and click Save

- A window appears ans asks if you want to save a Report, click Yes and define where to save PDF report


***Please visit www.fogra.org to get detailed documentation about which FOGRAxx file represents
which ISO printing conditions. The documentation is included in the download file for the
     ISO characterisation data (section Products / ISO Char' Data).