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Date Created: 8/15/2011   Date Modified: 5/18/2012

+Printer Profile Produces Poor Results in Photoshop CS5

End users may print their test charts with no color adjustment thru Photoshop CS4 and earlier by selecting “Printer Manages Colors” followed by turning all color management off in the print driver as well as by selecting “No Color Management” in the Color Handling section.  The option for “No Color Management” is no longer listed in the Color Handling pop-up menu in the Photoshop CS5 Print dialog box. Additionally, the "Printer Manages Colors" option in CS5 is now applying color adjustments to the print even if the end user has all color management properly turned off in the printer driver. 

Use the Adobe Color Printer Utility application to print your targets without color management applied in Photoshop CS5.  Use the following link for Adobe’s instructions and the download to the Adobe Color Printer Utility:


All support questions for this Adobe utility should be directed to Adobe.