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Date Created: 8/10/2006   Date Modified: 5/24/2016

-How is N-Color Defined

In ProfileMaker, there are several price points each offering different program features and calculation options.  At the high end, the "Packaging" version, is the ability to calculate "N-color" profiles.  "N-color" might be better stated as "Any-color".  Briefly, the lesser priced packages can deal with C-M-Y-K, C-M-Y-K plus Orange & Green, and C-M-Y-K plus Red, Green, & Blue.  These are not considered "N-color".  Leaving the domains of process colors, hexachrome, and/or hi-fi, you enter the world where any shade of ink may be used to print: the world of packaging.

"N-color" profiling allows for profiles to be created with any color set.  Wrigley's might need special colors for their various packages of gum.  Keebler different colors to properly sell their cookies, and Hershey's still different shades for their candies.  "N-color" enables this functionality.

In addition to "N-color" capability, ProfileMaker includes a utility that allows the user to "swap" one color for another within a profile without the need to redo all the tedious up-front printing and measurement tasks.  Instead there is a simple test involving only a few measurements that can predict how the gamut and profile will change if an ink is substituted.  This capability is of enormous value in the packaging industry.