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Date Created: 4/25/2007   Date Modified: 5/18/2012

+Luminance Adjustment in Eye-One Match does not React on iMac Display

Q: I try to calibrate the Luminance for an iMac display by using the Brightness slider in the MacOS X system preferences panel 'Displays', but it seems that the Eye-One Match does not recognize my changes. The Luminance value reported by Eye-One Match is not turning down, even if the Brightness has now been set to '0'. What am I doing wrong?

A: The Eye-One Match software cannot measure the changed Brightness / Luminance, as long as the window of the control panel 'Displays' is still open. So please adjust the Brightness slider as desired, close the 'Displays' control panel, then wait a second until the eye-One match software has actualized the measurement values. if needed, open the 'Displays' control panel again, adjust Brightness again, close control panel and wait for actualized measurement values. Please repeat this procedure until you have reached the desired Luminance.