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Date Created: 9/24/2009   Date Modified: 6/9/2016

+Placement of your i1Display2

When i1Match software asks you to place the i1Display2 or i1 on the screen, many people place the measurement device in the middle of the monitor, thinking that is the only place it can be used. We usually recommend that you first check to see if you have the ability on your computer monitor to move where the On Screen Display (OSD) is shown.

Most monitors bring the OSD up in the exact middle of the monitor, and normally you will need to view these settings while building an Advanced mode profile. The OSD needs to be seen by you, and to not interfere with the color patches our software will display.

If you are using an LCD monitor, most modern LCD's are very consistent across the surface of the monitor, so placing the i1Display2 slightly off-center, so you can read the OSD, without having to move our device. Most people find it easier to move the i1Display2, than change the OSD.

If you do have the ability on your monitor to change the location of the OSD, so that you can place the i1Display2 in the middle of the monitor, you certainly can do so.