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Date Created: 2/3/2010   Date Modified: 6/8/2012

+Clean Installation of Eye-One Match on SnowLeopard

Sometimes a clean install of Eye-One Match on SnowLeopard is recommended to solve issues with the software. Issues can be conflicts with previousely installed versions or symptoms like that ProfileReminder is not working or if Eye-One Match is crashing at startup on Macs with Non-English OS language.


Eye-One Match Version 3.6.3 supports MacOS 10.6 but needs a clean installation and requires "Rosetta Mode" to be installed. See this link for more information:






Here is a step-by-step instruction how to do a clean install:


- Disconnect the Eye-One device from the computer


- Go to System Preferences > Language & Text and set the MacOS system language to 
  English (US), if not already done**


- Reboot the computer and make sure you are logging in with full administration rights


- Go to System Preferences > Accounts.  Select the Login Items tab and then delete the Profile Reminder 


- Delete the Eye-One Match 3 program folder and also Eye-One Share and 
   Eye-One Diagnostics, if installed


- Go to User > Library > Preferences and to Library > Preferences

   and search for items "com.gretagmacbeth....", "EyeOne", "i1", "xrite",
   "LogoCalibration..." and delete them all


- Reboot your Mac


- Open Disk Utility software in Applications > Utilities and proceed a Disk Permission Repair


- Reboot your Mac again and make sure that you have installed all available OSX updates


- Download Eye-One Match 3.6.3 software here:




  and install it (do NOT install any older versions, additional drivers or i1 Share software)


- Reboot again and connect the Eye-One device


When you now start Eye-One Match, it should launch and work successfully. If so, set back the MacOS system language to your preferred one.**


**Note: changing the MacOS system language to English (US) is only recommended, when Eye-One Match could not be launched successfully on a Non-EN system. This step can be ignored for other reasons of a clean installation.