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Date Created: 2/8/2010   Date Modified: 6/9/2016

+1Share 1.4 not working on MacOS 10.6

The freeware i1Share 1.4 is not fully compatible with the new MacOS 10.6. All options and functionality based on ICC profiles, are not working. This is because MacOS 10.6 has changed the ColorSync architecture. The following are not working:

  • i1Share does not recognize and apply the monitor profile currently set as system profile

  • The profile selection menu in the option 'Transform>Convert Spot' is not responding

  • The menu 'File/Export' is not responding (no color palettes for other apps can be exported)

Because i1Share is a discontinued product, it will not be updated. Alternative software to convert measured or PANTONE spot colors into device colors and export them for other apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc. would be 'ColorPicker' (installed with ProfileMaker 5 Software) or the ColorMunki Solutions.

Note: the ProfileMaker (PM5) ColorPicker software can be launched in demo mode and used to convert spot colors into device values. However saving or exporting files does not work in demo mode.

Download ProfileMaker 5 software here

Click here for more details on ColorMunki solutions