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Date Created: 11/4/2014   Date Modified: 6/2/2016

+i1Display2 / i1Match on Mac 10.10 Yosemite

i1Match was written before Apple migrated to the Intel processor family. It relied upon "Rosetta" to operate on these newer computers. With the release of Lion, Apple has decided to no longer support Rosetta; thus i1Match will no longer launch on Mac running 10.7 or higher.

The replacement products for this would be the ColorMunki Display or the i1Display Pro. The ColorMunki Display is a more streamlined and simple software interface that has few advanced options. The i1Display Pro has a lot of additional options as well as a variety of color target combinations. Both of them create monitor and projector profiles only. You can view product info at:


ColorMunki Display:



i1Display Pro:



Additional display solutions brochures can be viewed here: