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Date Created: 8/14/2006   Date Modified: 5/25/2016

+Daylight, Horizon, and Incandescent Lamps not Working

Question: When I turn on my SPL III light booth, the Daylight, Horizon and Incandescent A lamps do not come on.

Answer: During the "Power-On" self test, a "Weak Line" message is displayed. The system may operate in Horizon or Incandescent A, but may stop working after a short time in Daylight. After some time, it may not work in Horizon or Incandescent A either.

Solution: Try turning off the main power switch, then disconnect the line cord from the back of the unit for approximately 30 seconds. Reconnect the line cord and turn the unit back on.

If the problem still persists, please contact the technical support department via telephone at 1-800-622-2384 x279 or via intranet at http://www.gretagmacbeth.com/helpcenter.